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Imagine NFT that tracks on-chain activity of the most successful wallet addresses and sends you personal enter and exit signals for potential NFT projects and ERC20 tokens. Oracle is doing exactly that. Refer to the whitepaper for more details.

We also believe in Community. That is why each Oracle gives you exclusive lifetime access to Moonboysclub crypto platform and traders community that combines on-chain data with one of the best token and wallet database to help you find the right trading signals.

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Oracle is a new generation of NFT that is not only a collectible but also provides great value for its owner. It analyses on-chain activity of millions of wallets and sends buy and sell signals to its owner. Oracle sends trading signals about Ethereum ERC-20 tokens as well as ERC-721 (NFT) tokens including new promising projects available for minting. Under the hood we are using a combination of on-chain and off-chain technology. You can connect your Oracle to one or more notification channels. Currently supported channels are Telegram and Email. You will be able to connect notification channels as well as configure what types of alerts you would like to receive for each Oracle after minting.



10 / 10000



100 / 10000



1000 / 10000



8890 / 10000

Each Oracle has an energy level and a rarity. Rarity defines the timing and the energy defines the frequency of the trading signals i.e. unique Oracle with energy 100 will send immediate alerts very frequently. There will only ever be 10,000 Oracles: 10 Unique, 100 Exceptional, 1000 Rare and 8890 Magic. Token metadata is stored on IPFS. All Oracle stats will be revealed when the sale is over

For support and other inquries please refer to official Discord server

Contract address: 0xaebb154e912036e5dd036caf1bdc63c85c5a37f4


February 2022

Public NFT collection launch. Adding Ethereum ERC-20 token trading signals, collecting top token traders data

February 2022

Adding Ethereum ERC-721 token minting and trading signals, collecting top NFT investors data

July 2022

Moonboysclub launch. Best-in-class analytic tools for market insights

Nov 2022

Adding automatic trading capabilities to Oracle. Developing and evaluating trading strategies

Jan 2023

Establishing traders fund operated by autonomous Oracle. Releasing ERC20 token

Apr 2023

Creating DAO to manage autonomous Oracle. Governance token airdrop for club members

Q3 / Q4 2023

Adding support for other smart contract platforms (voted by club members)

Created by

Mykola Ivanov

Solidity Master and Blockchain Guru

Ihor Kovalyshyn

Data Bender and Numbers Cruncher

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* Oracle predictions are not a financial advice. Do your own research